Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conference Weekend

Yay, this was a fun weekend! Friday night my sisters came to stay with us and we woke up super early for a Saturday and we did the mayors walk Saturday morning. We slept til noon and then went to Enterprise. We watched conference up there and the cold weather was great! I love fall! :)
Landon and I!
Lily found us during the walk and we almost beat Landon and Kalli!

Me with my sisters!

Grandpas Birthday Party!

We had my Grandpa Bundy's 80th birthday party last weekend. Gotta love my grandpas shirt. He was trying to tell everyone he wore it back in his rodeo days (not sure I believe it) but we all laughed at him anyway! Happy Birthday Gramps! Also, My cousin Kayla got her mission call! She is going to Seoul West Korea on November 4th. I am so excited for her but she will be missed! Congrats Lawla!!
Kayla and I at Grandpas birthday party!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bye bye BMW.... Hello Mazda!

We were able to sell the BMW last week to Brock and Ashley. I hope they are really enjoying it! Its fun to be able to keep it in the family! Since then, we were able to find a Mazda 3 that we liked and got it pretty quick. Hope you guys are enjoying the new car as much as we are! :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009


A lot has happened since our last post so i'm going to put up some pictures of our summer. We had a great summer! After our wedding, we had a few trips to Scipio and Richfield for the fourth of July, Enterprise for the twenty-fourth of July, and Oceanside with the Casey family, a few small trips to the big city of Panaca but mainly enjoying spending time with each other. Now, Landon is in school at dixie state, along with working full-time. Also, I recently got a new job at the St. George Jet Center and its been a tough adjustment for me, but its all for the best! All in all we had a great summer break and are working on school and adjusting to all of the changes that have happened over the past few months. Landons "nub" is finally healing up nicely after we found a stitch that the doctor missed and the infection grew, after we got that taken care of, it seems to be looking more "nubbish" and less open wound!

In scipio over the 4th of July! Over the 24th of July, Landon and I ran the Enterprise 5k. These are our matching shirts to prove it! At the beach in Oceanside! In Panaca at, just about, the only restaurant in town called Cindy Sooz Landons new school!
Bye bye Tasteful Trends................

Monday, July 6, 2009

Landon's nub!

The other day, Landon was at work using the table saw. I realized how dangerous they were that day while i was helping Landon at work. I was across the room when i heard Landon cuss out some words and i heard his dad say, "Kevin, find his finger" I was in such shock! I almost started crying. I ran and got in the car with Landon and drove him to the Emergency Room. When we got there, the doctors took him right in and started doing whatever it is you do when fingers get cut off I stood by him and was holding his hand when i blacked out; how embarrassing! I wasn't the one hurt! Anyways, the way it happened was he was using the table saw to cut a peice of wood and his finger got caught by the blade guard and the wood. The cut wasn't clean enough to sew the finger back on. It basically got amputated from just above the middle nuckle up. He has a nub! I was so sad for him but he has the best attitude about it! I'll try to spare you the really gross pictures he wanted to take but i had to show just one to make him happy :) so all of you with weak stomachs..... beware!

The Wedding!

Our wedding day was absolutely beautiful! We had all our families and friends to share it with. We were married in the morning in the st. george LDS temple. It was amazing. After the temple ceremony, we went to City Buffet for the luncheon. It was tons of fun. The reception was at the Little Valley chapel that evening. Thanks to everyone who came! We love you! :)

Our Engagement

Our engagment is kind of a funny story: Landon went to the baseball field where my dad was working with some of his baseball players. Landon wanted to ask him if he could marry me. My dad didn't really know why Landon was there so my dad asked him if they could talk the next day. It kind of threw things off a little bit. Apperantly, Landon's family came down from Enterprise to help him set everything up but when my dad didn't have time to talk, his family was put on halt. The next day, he went and talked to my dad and everything was good. (To this day, my dad still has no idea Landon was going to propose the night he blew him off!) Anyway, Landon told me that we were going to go hiking because Karlee and Colton were really mad we weren't able to go the day before. We got to the red hill and hiked around to find his family. I thought i'd be able to at least spot Karlee since we are "best friends" she says. But i couldn't find them anywhere. We hiked around a little more and saw a table with candles and fruit and all kinds of stuff set up. I had no idea it was for us. I told Landon to leave it alone because we shouldn't mess with someones stuff. He couldn't leave it alone. I was getting so mad at him. Then it clicked! I finally realized what was happening and i was so suprised. I knew our engagement was coming soon but Landon wasn't feeling good for a few days so I had no idea. It was a great engagement. Here are some pictures....